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Club Management System

Club Management Software is been using by various clubs for their services like Restaurant, Bar, Games, Rooms and other services. Members will be connected through smart card so that they can recharge the card and use the services.

  • Smart Card Enabled
  • POS System
  • Prepaid Systems
  • User Account and Online Recharge Systems
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RWA Management System

RWA software is been useful for various RWA, It can be used by all the upcoming or existing township, apartments and society, who wanted to have a well planned, equipped and structured RWA.

  • Master Modules
  • Complaint Module
  • Reports Generation
  • Accounts Management
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Inventory Management System

The Inventory Management System mains to cater the clients who require a simple inventory management or stock control system.

What’s New
  • It keeps a track of their inventory, monitor and regulate stock management.
  • Proper tracking of inventory
  • Efficient and Comprehensive report Inventory management
  • Run with Barcodes
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POS Management System

POS management system can be used for daily billing. Whether it is a restaurant or it is a grocery shop it can be used anywhere. It is a multiuser system and daily total summary can be fetched. It is easy for use anywhere.

  • Open Source
  • Can be used by any business
  • Easy billing system
  • Easy Reporting
  • Multi Users
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School Management System

E-School is an school management ERP, by which a college can manage their school online and parents can track the status of the students, and check their homeworks etc.

What’s New
  • Complete Backend ERP
  • Dynamic Website Connected to ERP
  • IVRS System
  • RFID Smart Card Integration
  • SMS Alerts
  • Email Reports
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Human Resource Management System

Human Resource Management Software manages your HR Process starting from Attendance, leave, admin, payroll, appraisal, training, staffing, and project management, PF Funds and Gratuity, Payroll.

What’s New
  • Payroll
  • Time and attendance
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Benefit administration
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Society Management System

Many societies are using this system for managing their monthly subscription, electricity bills ,complaints management and visitor management. This is very dynamic software and can be attached with the clubs as well. Online payments by users can be made. Users will have their personal app for visitors and bills.

  • Monthly Subscription Management
  • Electricity Bills Management
  • Visitors Management
  • Complaint Management
  • Online Payment
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GPS Software & Hardware

GPS tracking can help you affordably manage your company’s vehicles, protect business and personal property, monitor/locate your assets, even keep a vigilant watch over a teen driver. We provide our clients with reliable and effective cutting edge GPS trackers and systems.

  • Real Time Tracking
  • Fuel-Monitoring
  • Alert and Notifications
  • SOS
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Security Camera System

We provide Security camera systems from CCTV Camera Pros are used for home, business, and government surveillance installations.

  • Motion sensing
  • Two-way audio
  • Field of view
  • Best Video quality
  • Battery Power Source
  • Low-light or infrared mode
  • Cloud or local storage
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